Automatic Chicken Feeder





Introduction: Automatic Chicken Feeder

Go on the next step to see improved version with full instruction.

I have made a second improved version of homemade chicken feeder for free. My plan was to make it from materials that everybodey has and that it is easy to build.

Step 1: Easiest DIY Automatic Chicken Feeder (also Solves Insomnia)! It Can Be Maid Quickly and Totally for Free. You Just Need a Barrel, Knife, Thick Wire and Corck. If You Have Any Comments Write Me Bellow. Thanks for Watching.

I can't wait to see all your chicken feeders. Enjoy.

Step 2: Homemade Improved Chicken Feeder for Free

This is a step by step toutorial. How to video that will help you live confortable life and do things out of the box.

This automatic chicken feeder is improvisation so please check your homemade improvement if they work properly.

I would like to improve it so here I am asking you for help.

If you have any comments write me bellow.

Thanks for watching!


  • Today I have improve...-Roglovsky

    Roglovsky made it!


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This chicken feeder is simple, but incredibly clever. Well done!

can't stop watching the chicks :)