Automatic Door Closing Mechanism





Introduction: Automatic Door Closing Mechanism

For All the LAZY ASS people like me, Here is an instructable that my kind of people are surely gonna love.


so the next time when someone comes to see you, you do not have to bear the trouble of getting up, walking a few steps to the door, just to shut it. :D

Step 1: Apparatus Required :

Well, You wouldn't be required to spend even a penny for this.

And that is where my speciality lies in ;D

All you need is some weight. I Used 2 X 500 ml water bottles filled to the brim. You can use a single one litre bottle, or two bottles and that is totally upto you. All you need is a Dead Weight.

Secondly, To tie it, you need something . It Can be anything varying from a yarn fibre to nylon ropes. I have used Nylon Ropes in here.

And that is All :D

Step 2: The Procedure:

Wind the rope around your selected Weight (Bottles, in my case) tightly.

Since the weight will be disturbed frequently by the opening and closing of the door, it should be tightly wound so that it does not get loose and falls down. One end of the rope would be used here.

Let the other end of the rope occupy the panel above the door you want to close. again take care of the tension you maintain and it should be tightly wound.

Position the setup as per your convenience. In my case, i have taken the latch in my way so that the rope doesn't move much even when the door is fully opened.

and now, Your AUTOMATIC DOOR CLOSING MECHANISM is good and ready to use.

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don't forget to lock the door....

Best idea for toilet's door.

My God, an ibble that doesn't use a 3d printer!!

I love how simple it is yet still very adjustable. I'll be using this for my back gate since everyone keeps leaving it open.

Duude. This is really simple and clever. Love it.

Clever. I like the fact that you can change how fast the door closes by changing how full the bottles are. Great dorm hack.

Yeah! Glad you could connect and get the concept. Thanks for the appreciation