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This is an instructable about how to make an automatic fish feeder( my version feeds the fish every six seconds to show its working but you can modify the code to make it feed after a few hours or a day).  Hope you like it!!
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Step 1:

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Step 1:
Materials Needed:
1. Fish food case
2. Servo motors (x 2 but you can also use one by eliminating the bottom servo)
3. Strips of tape
4. An old plastic Box
5. Some card shaped like a pan open at one end.
6. An Ardiuno and connection wire
7. Breadboard ( optional but I recommend it)
8. Scissors( or knife to cut plastic box)
9. Wires

An Ardiuno in india????.....where did you get it from?........ what was it's cost?.......will be waiting for your reply

you get them anywhere


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Handy! I need to make myself one of these. . .
Nice Instructable!
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