Picture of Automatic Fish Feeder
I will show you how to make an Automatic fish feeder so you won't have to feed you fish ever again.
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Step 2: Put it together

It's pretty easy to make. But if you have any questions please comment. 
Any Suggestions on how to mount this?
Blechmen (author)  Michael_Bell2 years ago
You could use double sided tape
ilpug2 years ago
This is great. Simple. Cheap. Effective. Handy. I love it!
Blechmen (author)  ilpug2 years ago
Haha thanks a lot it's so much smaller than the other ones on the web lol and don't forget to vote on the Pocket sized contest
ilpug Blechmen2 years ago
Oh yeah, I voted. Best of luck! (although i wouldn't mind winning myself :P)
Blechmen (author)  ilpug2 years ago
LOl thanks
bigbang2 years ago
very cool idea, I have killed too many fish by being my forgettful self!
Blechmen (author)  bigbang2 years ago