Step 6: IoBridge Setup

Picture of ioBridge Setup
The ioBridge IO-204 is used as bridge (duh!) between the arduino and the internet. I am using the ioBridge serial board to connect an XBee module. 

There are two main functions that the ioBridge was used for:
  1. Request current code
    I do a GET call from the arduino to retrieve the current code from my Code Generator service using ioBridge Serial Web Services API.
    Arduino code:
  2. Start candy dropping sequence by text, call or tweet.
    An ioBridge widget will send a start character via serial message and the candy dropping sequence will start. This widget can be called using the ioBridge Static Widget API.

This URL  is called by Twilio and by my custom Twitter alert script.

These are the digital I/O pins configuration:
  • ioBridge Serial Board
  • TX - RX XBee
  • RX - TX XBee
  • GND and 5v