Automatic Hunting Stand Window





Introduction: Automatic Hunting Stand Window

Hey all of you hunters out there! Here's an idea that can make your hunting life more convenient....An Automatic Hunting Stand Window! When the sensor senses a change in the amount of heat emitted by surrounding objects, the window will either open or close.

Step 1:


1 PIR Sensor
2 68-inch wire extensions
2 standard servos
2 wheels
2 screws
Plywood 2.5’x4’
Power Pro (fishing line)
Tie offs
Magnets for catch
Electric Tape

Step 2:

A 2.5' x 4' piece of plywood is used to represent a deer stand wall.

Step 3:

Cut a 3' x 8" rectangular window into the plywood.

Step 4:

Screw on two hinges so the window will go up and down.

Step 5:

The Boe Bot and servos are mounted to the back of the wall using velcro.

Step 6:

A 3 inch rectangle is cut out of the plywood to insert the wheels.

Step 7:

Drill screws into plywood at the top and bottom of window.

Step 8:

Now its time to write code. The code is ran to the Boe Bot. When the sensor senses that change, the window opens until it hits the screw. The same thing happens when it is time to close it.

Step 9:

Now watch it work!



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    Hello there my fellow outdoorsman! I am extremely impressed with your Deer tree blind automatic window instructable! I've never seen someone come up with such a brilliant way to have a closed window that the deer literally opens for you allowing the hunter to keep both hands on his crossbow or firearm!

    We used a basic PIR sensor and the noise was minimal.

    cool. what kind of sensor are you using, how is it with noise?