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This is my automatic knex pistol. It can hold up to seven darts. Very powerful. It shoots straight. Ask me for instructions on Comments


TheKnexChicken (author)2016-04-06

This handle looks so uncomfortable. And this is not automatic. It is semi pin pull automatic. If you made the handle with mostly connectors it would be better and more comfy.

TheCoasterCompleater (author)2015-10-23

Please make instructions!

Villobuilder (author)2012-10-05

Hey guys I made a new pistol it has a better handle, it has a trigger, and it is not sloppy.

PotatoCoffee (author)2012-10-01

1. This is not automatic
2. It is sloppy
3. The handle is horrible
4. There is no trigger
Try again.

SumRndmGuy (author)PotatoCoffee2012-10-01

wheres the like button when u need it =p

PotatoCoffee (author)SumRndmGuy2012-10-02

In your face.


Haha lol...



Sharir1701 (author)2012-10-03

yes, i will have to agree with potatocoffee, not much more needs to be said. i like how he said "1... 2... 3... 4... try again". i agree.

Villobuilder (author)2012-10-01

you hadn't seen it in action

I don't need to because this ain't auto. Unless you are referring to the no trigger bit.

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