How i did automated led lighting stairs with an integration to home controller network.

The benefit - light sensor is not needed,
Day/Night scene of controller is doing this job.

Step 1:

First ,you need to assemble ASL arduino shield.

How to make this:

Follow the link to find : BOM, Design Files and Source Code for Arduino.


Step 2:

Once you get it, follow step by step instruction :

1. Follow schematic sketch bellow (step3) to wire it up.

2. Download and install Mysensor and ShiftRegister74HC595 libraries to Arduino IDE:

Mysensor library:


ShiftRegister74HC595 library:


3. Edit code :Set number of stairs,pause between on/off,check your sensors type, adjust photocell sensitivity (if using..)

4. Upload the code to Arduino Nano.

5. Insert Arduino to ASL Shield.

6. Insert NRF24L01+ modul .

7. Set Mysensors plugin to including mode.

8. Power up ASL Shield.

Step 3:


ASL shield needs Mysensors Gataway to comunicate with your home controller. If you do not have such, please visit www.mysensors.org


<p>Interesting project. You should enter this into the microcontroller contest.</p>

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