Automatic Led Stairs Lighting Arduino Shield





Introduction: Automatic Led Stairs Lighting Arduino Shield

ASL shield

✔ Up to 24 stairs setup availability.

✔ Fade out effect. PWM modulation.

✔ Can be connected wirelessly with more than 20 of the leading home automation controllers on the market.

✔ Ready to use sketch .

✔ Combined with Mysensors lib. (can be included as relay, in this case no light sensor needed, just create a Day/Night scene inside your home controller)

How i did it..

Step 1:

First ,you need to get ASL shield.

Here is the link for all source files.

Step 2:

Once you get it, follow step by step instruction :

1. Follow the
schematic sketch bellow to wire it up.

2. Download and install Mysensor-master(optional) and ShiftPWM -master libraries to Arduino IDE:

3. Download a sketch .

( Two options: choose sketch 'ForASLMysensorInkluded' or 'ForASLOnlyLightSensor' for controlling

day/night mode.

4. Edit code : Set number of stairs, pause between on/off, check your sensors type, adjust photocell

sensitivity (if using)

5. Upload the code to Arduino Nano.

6. Insert Arduino to ASL Shield.

7. Insert NRF24L01+ modul . ( optional )

8. Set Mysensors plugin to including mode. ( optional )

8. Power up ASL Shield.

( optional - means you can skip this step ,if ‘ForASLOnlyLightSensor.ino’ sketch is used )

Step 3:


ASL shield needs Mysensors Gataway to comunicate with your home controller. If you do not have such, please visit




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Interesting project. You should enter this into the microcontroller contest.