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Introduction: Automatic Light Switch

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I was bored of turning the light on myself, so I built this! It's made from the LEGO NXT Mindstorms. It works by attaching a two long pieces to a motor. You also must have it stable so I lifted it up and taped it down. Finally attach a cord from the motor to the Mindstorms main unit. By the way, I programed it to turn on and off when I push the button, and I also programed it listen for my voice and turn on and off. Sorry some of the pictures are side-ways or bad quality.



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    so its like a lego clapper! cool! you should post more details on how you built it though, even though its a really simple design

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    I can't really since I didn't take pictures of it when I was building it.

    take it apart and take pictures as you go. then put them up in reverse and build it again. i do it all the time with knex, i don't know what you will do about the tape though...

    well i don't really feel like doing that since it takes too long

    If your going to post something u should tell people how to make it.

    It doesn't take that long to take it apart. There isn't even that much pieces. It would also be very helpful to other people.

    What are the materials

    Wow. It would be cool if you get a sound sensor and just say lights off! and it would turn off.

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    does it need one? more then half if not all of the instructables ever posted have no real reason or are not truly needed.

    Some people just get bored and need something to do and they make stuff and post it here.

    Same here. Maybe there is a good reason for building it. How could you be bored with turning a light on and off. Flip a switch or push a button, they're just as boring! Besides, you probably spend less than 10 seconds a day turning lights on and off. ANyways, if you want to make this more worthwhile, install a dimmer, and have that controlled with your LEGO thing.

    i made something likethis a long time ago. i used the ultrasonic sensor so it turned on when i walked up to my nxt'ised automatic door. my door used to open with anotther ultrasonic sensor but it wasnt that good and it smashed because it got caught on the door stopper

    are you using the ultrasonic sensor for the automatic part?

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    no I use the sound or touch sensor.

    I made one of these at home a long time ago way before you made this instructable.

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    I made one of these directly connected to the Light Switch (actually, a fan switch.). I then set up a home-brew PIR sensor to detect if anyone was in the room, turning on the fan when it returned positive.

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    It works a lot better if you take longer outlet cover screws and add them through one of the holes in a beam, then build the entire structure off of that.