Automatic Marshmallow Gun





Introduction: Automatic Marshmallow Gun

This instrutable will teach you how to create an automatic marshmallow gun out of 1/2 inch pvc pipe. This is my first instructable so feel free to give me suggestions of what i could do better.

Step 1: Materials

To make this gun you will need:
2 1/2 inch pvc caps
2 1/2 inch pvc elbows
2 1/2 inch pvc tees
4 5-inch sections of 1/2 inch pvc pipe
1 11 inch pvc pipe (barrel)
1 8 inch pvc pipe (hopper)
1 9 inch pvc pipe (mouth piece)
cotton balls

Electrical tape (for looks)

Step 2: Asslembling Mouthpiece

To make the mouthpiece you will need to connect the 9 inch pipe to an elbow connect that to a 5 inch section and connect that to a tee.

Step 3: Assembling Hopper

To make the hopper you will need to attach a cap to the 8 inch pipe, then on the other end attach a tee and to that attact a five inch section.

Step 4: Asslembling Handle

To make the handle you will need to attach 2 5ive inch pieces to an elbow and put a cap on one of them. The piece without the cap needs to be suffed with cotton balls. The other piece shall remain hollow so you can fill it with marshmellows (can not hold very many but why not?)

Step 5: Put It All Together

In this step we will put all pieces together and attach barrel.

Step 6: If There Was Any Confusion

Just in case you didnt understand anything here is a more detailed picture if everything.

Step 7: Usage

In order to use this gun you first need to load the hopper (8 inch pipe) with mini malshmallows (mine held 15). Then you need to reattach to gun, aim in a safe direction, and blow continuisly through mouthpiece. If all went well all 15 marshmellows should have left the barrel. Mine shoots a good 20 yards.

Step 8: Modification

There are many improvements that can be done to this gun. I wrapped electric tape around mine to give it a better apperance. You could also put another tee, behind the hopper, facing down and attach another handle. You could ajust the lenght of the pipes for a bigger or smaller gun. There are an infinate amount of possibilites.

Step 9: Ammunition

This gun is designed to shoot miniature marshmallows I would put a picture of the kind I use, but they are all gone.



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    I made a few of these. They also shoot some brands of dry dog food, so I can get the dogs running around the back yard chasing treats for exercise.

    if you want to make it semi but still have the clip just drill holes in the magasine and put a marshmallow in and after that a paperclipbent straight

    Reminded me of a swastika when I saw it >.>...

    replace L joint at the back with a T joint, then add a piece of pipe about a foot long, after that place the old L joint at the back along with a 4 inch piece of pipe going down, cap that off and you have a stock.

    a good twenty yards? that's sixty feet, an I find it hard to believe you can launch marshmallows twenty yards. please load a video proving the distance then I'll believe you.

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    look at the physics involved. it works. the impulse of the air blowing leaves it with force for while. the longer the barrel, the longer the distance to a large extent. there are some exceptions though.

    i think the marshmellows will go further if you put the hopper by the mouthpiece before the 1st bend

    Wars would be quite a bit more mellow with these!!

    I've discovered a great use for old AA batteries. Put one in the hopper, and it pushes the marshmallows down just enough to keep feeding them into the barrel. sure to put it in ON TOP OF the marshmallows.

    I myself have 1/2 in. piping although a different kind of gun,(semi-auto)not that it really matters but I still can't get the marshmellows to go all the way down the hopper! What about making them skinnier or cutting them smaller? Anything else? Any advice would help, Thanks! John

    2 replies

    let the marshmallows dry out or use mini-marshmallows. if they're dry, they wont stick together as much. and, as i said there, use cornstarch. i love the stuff for all of my marshmallow-related escapades.

    I think cutting them smaller would make them stick. maybe you could put some sort of spring in the hopper to help them along.

    i did something like this, but with a 2-liter bottle as the hopper. try sprinkling on a little cornstarch on the inside of the gun and in the marshmallows to keep them from sticking.

    STOP SPAMMING YOUR INSTRUCTABLE AROUND. I dont spam my pure pwnage modded sprinkler valve spud gun around.

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    Actually, he was just proving the point that someone has done it and posted it on instructables.