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This project gives you total rest from mosquitoes because it work automatically. You have to just make effort for one time for make it.

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Firstly, take your mosquito killer racket and open it because we have to make some modification to make it automatic.

Step 2:

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Now, take out circuit and battery so we can work on it properly.

Step 3:

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In circuit we have 2 switch. 1st is two-way switch. It is On/Off switch so we leave it for now. 2nd is push-button switch which is we are looking for.

Connect it's both legs by soldering.

Step 4:

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Now, last thing is battery, so in my case I have in built rechargeable battery but in your case you may have AAA battery socket so remove from their connection.

Take DC adapter. I took 5V DC mobile charge and removed it's port and take out two wire. Red is positive and white is negative.

After removing wire from battery or socket, connect circuit's positive and negative wire with DC adapter's positive and negative wire respectively.

We are done. Now screw it back.

Step 5:

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Take any bucket and put this wired mosquito killer racket on it and I put some boxes to balance it properly. You can put any light source in the bucket. Plug-in adapter and switch it on.



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silkier (author)2016-03-15

Sorry, but what is a Mosquito Racket (Racquet?) ?

It would be helpful if you mentioned that at some point for us who don't know of these things.

I am assuming that it somehow zaps the skeeters and they fall into the bucket dead, am I correct?

Mikeable (author)silkier2017-04-06

This explains what a mosquito racket is:

Joeyjan19 (author)silkier2016-03-16

for sale at Harbor Freight for about 3's great for swating flies.

silkier (author)Joeyjan192016-03-16

Thank you for all the helpful replies. I did Google it to find out more as where I am we have a horrendous mosquito problem and any weapon is welcome in my armoury.

Please remember all you folks in the USA that this is an international site and there are many places in the world where "Harbor Freight" is not even comprehensible let alone a shop.

Jameeluddin (author)silkier2016-03-16

Also know as Mosquito swatter... Mosquito Racket is a Badminton racket shaped, with three layers of aluminium net inside (see uploaded picture). The middle layer aluminium net is charged with high voltage around 2000 Volts ( Be safe... dont try to insert your finger inside, to touch this high charged net. Otherwise u will get a nice electric shock) & while the outer two layers are grounded. This high voltage is obtained by a mean of electronic circuit, which contains a small step up transformer & a capacitor connected in parallel combination. This electronic circuit is powered by two AA size 1.5 Volts battery.

Now when this Mosquito racket is moved against a flying Mosquito, the Mosquito gets in contact with live net & grounded net. Hence get burned instantaneously with a sound like this fat..fat...fat.

You can buy this Mosquito racket on which is a chines e-commerce website. Just got to this website & type Mosquito swatter in search box. You will find lots of Mosquito racket with free international shipping worldwide. Now you don't need to live in America to buy a Mosquito racket.


bluenz (author)Jameeluddin2016-03-17

Banned in Australia and NZ.

fraser02 (author)bluenz2016-03-28

uhhhhh... is not, you can buy them at any supermarket in NZ... i live there and have bought them before.

bluenz (author)fraser022016-03-28

Ok, banned in Aus, I haven't been back to NZ for many years. ( unless they've been legalised there in the last 6 yrs as well??? ) the ones we get here are rubbish, lucky if they even last a year, but what woudl you expect for only $3.

Mohammade9 (author)bluenz2016-08-22

Most of the failure before 1 year is from the switch/push button.

You can either replace or tweak it. I have repaired 2 rackets on the push button switch. In Indonesia it is around AUS$3-$5.

Mohammade9 (author)Mohammade92016-08-22

i mean the racket price. the push button is around $0.2.

Waste Of Space (author)bluenz2016-08-11

I just bought one in Australia.

When I tried to bring a few into the country s few years ago, customs took them from me.

Zipwire (author)silkier2016-03-15

You are correct. It is a battery operated electronic bug zapper that is shaped like a tennis racket. It is used like a fly swatter. You can buy one in US for about $5.

ooohlaa (author)Zipwire2016-03-16

ACTUALLY THEY ARE 2.99 IN HARBOR FREIGHT AND SOMETIMES YU CAN GET A 20% OFF COUPON SO THEY ARE REALLY CHEAP. Here in FL mosquitoes keep me company all day, sun or shade, everyday, obnoxious. I have 2 racquets to swat them with, i go up to the wall and zapper them. I have lots of tall trees and they hang out all day in the shade because my neighbor never cleans their brush from the property line and they breed almost anywhere damp, any curled leaf will do. I will surely try some version of this idea indoors i think in the shower stall, hoping my cats don't knock it over.

JunezRiyaz (author)2016-10-07

Great idea

manicmonday (author)2016-03-15

Mosquitoes are not attracted to light. They are attracted to CO2 and stagnant water. You can use sugar water and bread yeast to produce CO2, or a few drops of milk in water to make it stagnate.

not exactly true, mosquitoes are attracted to the range of infrared body heat. which explains why some people, are attacked more than others in a group because of their skin temperature. mosquitoes, are also attracted to standing water for breeding. CO2 is only a partial method, mosquitoes use for sensing warm blooded mammals. using CO2 alone, without the body heat range may not be all that effective to trap mosquitoes. but standing water they use for procreation, will most always attract mosquitoes before or after feeding.

What you say is also true, don't see how it means they aren't attracted to the mixture i mentioned?

when hunting any prey, the more you know their habits and what they like. the more successful of a hunt, you will have.

if you put a whole carrot under a trip box, your not going to catch any rabbits. rabbits do not recognize carrots as food, unless you break it open so they can smell the inside. they, only recognize the top green side as food. but they will, eat cooked chicken, turkey and beef.

the more enticing you set a trap, the more successful the trap. in this case you, are trying to emulate a warm blooded mammal and/or breeding ground as close as economically possible. and you want to eliminate, as many as possible.

the ideal situation, would be to attract only mosquitos or other specific pests and not harm beneficial insects.

I do agree, and was thinking about the heat part of it when I was writing this, but couldn't think of how to make it. You don't want to warm your sugar water as that will make the yeast go into overdrive, though I suppose a heating pad under the water container could be tried. Adding sugar regularly would make it last longer.

actually i believe the led, produces enough infrared heat for that. and maybe some uv, in the mosquitoes uv sight range. but want to avoid, using too bright of a light source. since the mosquitoes, can only sense CO2 from someone in a slight down wind or in still air around them. but you do not want the heat source, to be too much above or below 98.6*F. people tend to become invisible to mosquitoes, when the surrounding ambient temperature is the same as a persons skin temperature.

mce128 (author)jimmie.c.boswell2016-04-09

I honestly, don't think that the LED is going to be generating enough heat to be drawing mossies via infrared output in addition to the majority of its output on the blue through UV output. However, I did just read a rather interesting article (with an accompanying video even! WoooHooo the fun never ends right?) on why those evil winged beasts are attracted to some folks more than others. Check it out here:


jimmie.c.boswell (author)mce1282016-04-10

well the led, is always going to be warmer than the ambient temperature. mosquitoes, are cold challenged critters.

not sure how much, body odor has to do with this. but i do know, those with warmer skin temperature have significantly more body odor. and aerobic bacteria, does release significant amounts of CO2 as well.

i should of, said in between feedings. and i am going to assume here, that the led is somehow mimicking mamal body heat. and a certain level of uv, results in some kind of attracting hypnosis effect. in a cool white light, there is usually some uv. which mosquitoes used to detect motion. but they cannot see well, in too bright of a light.

fraser02 (author)manicmonday2016-03-28

you can also use a mixture of hot water, sugar and vinegar... they are attracted to this.

well the bacteria, known as mother of vinegar also produces CO2.

RadDog2 (author)2016-03-24

Use a dark colored bucket. Mosquitoes prefer those. The US military uses something similar.

devwatts5 (author)2016-03-11

Why Would The Mosquitos Go Inside The bucket??

nikhil121212 (author)devwatts52016-03-11

Mosquitoes attract to light source like UV light.

devwatts5 (author)nikhil1212122016-03-11

Is that A uv light in your ible?

nikhil121212 (author)devwatts52016-03-11

No I used LED light and it worked in my case. But for accuracy you can use UV light.

Belzebebpr (author)nikhil1212122016-03-24

This is a really interesting and helpful instructible, but please consider editing the 'ible with a "what's in the bucket" section or something (maybe with the classic Brad Pitt picture ). You only explained how to mod the racket for continuous use (which is a great idea, kudos!!) and put it on the bucket, without explaining what's inside the bucket or what it's for. I had to read through all the comments section to figure out your comment about putting an LED inside. Also, other people talking about water, yeast, sugar, etc was a bit helpful but it should probably be up in the instructions.

yes that is the question? I'm also confused. please explain it

the mosquito racket, is a hand held high voltage bug zapper. in this case they, fall dead in the bucket after getting electrocuted.

bratasaur (author)2016-03-15

This is not a mosquito killer it will kill all kinds of flying insects. Many are VERY beneficial to our world. To know like pollinating plants.
This is nothing more than those blue light bug zappers.

DavidS449 (author)bratasaur2016-03-24

What if I use an octenol lure? (amazon link)

metqa (author)bratasaur2016-03-17

in fact, male mosquitoes ARE pollinators. they drink nectar and distribute pollen. Females do as well, but when they need to lay eggs, that is when the take a blood meal from you or your pet. But I agree, this device would attract insects other than mosquitoes. Fine if its just in your house, you probably don't want insects, pollinators or not, in your house. but light attracting Bug zappers are not good devices.

twighahn (author)2016-03-24

Attaching a solar panel

twighahn (author)2016-03-24

Attaching a solar panel

twighahn (author)2016-03-24

One can use water rather than a light

Raphango (author)2016-03-18

Did you put water on the bucket?

BrianM172 (author)2016-03-17

uh... you can just put tape on the "on" button... its gonna press it down, and stay on... and then, instead of the rechargeable batteries, just connect wires inside the battery compartment and solder. Then, power the wires, and then it will run forever, until the wires get damaged or your power goes out or SOMETHING. But- I tried this... Mosquitoes fly in the net, get zapped- then they sometimes fall in, and sometimes stay on top. Those that stay on top continuously get zapped until they heat up enough for their guts to pop like popcorn, shooting the bug parts everywhere, then creating and extremely loud popping noise that woke me up multiple times... Not to say- burnt bugs smell bad. A good way to combat this is to get a zapper with bigger mesh. The mosquitoes are pretty big, so they will get zapped, and fall through, as smaller pollinators will survive... Although it would sound gross to empty out the bucket of dead mosquitoes and instead have a thousand little flies just explode...

bluenz (author)2016-03-17

Unfortunately these racquets are banned in countries like Australia and NZ, any other suggestions as what to use instead?

bluesea8 (author)2016-03-15

I have an easier way. Mosquitos are poor fliers, so all you have to do is set up a fan to blow across you and your guests while outside and they will not bite you because they will not be able to fly in the wind produced by the fan.

bratasaur (author)bluesea82016-03-15

So when my kids are playing football or on the tire swing I should have fans that are strong enough to blow away mosquitos in that large of an area?

bluesea8 (author)bratasaur2016-03-16

If you reread my post, I said about you and your guests sitting outside, Like on a deck or something. It wouldn't work for kids playing. But if they are running around playing football they probably wont get bit anyways due to their not standing still long enough for them to land and bite.

DougS4 (author)2016-03-16

Having owned several commercial propane powered mosquito traps I can attest to their effectiveness. One of the key principles of a mosquito trap that uses an attractant such as CO2 is that it needs to be placed AWAY from the area that you want to be mosquito free. It's intuitive but not always obvious that the attractant type traps will actually draw in mosquitos that would not have entered into that space - you now have more mosquitos!

Also, the trap needs to run continuously for a week or more to start having the most effect. The trap will take existing mosquitos out of the "breeding pool" and start to reduce the number of mosquitos available to reproduce. Soon the surrounding mosquito population will collapse and a nearly mosquito free zone will have been created!

Thanks for the 'ibile! I'm always impressed with the creativity and resourcefulness of people. Your device cost much less than one of my commercial propane traps!!

ooohlaa (author)2016-03-16

how often do you have to change the water or add yeast/sugar, etc? probably molasses would work, yes?

metallordz (author)2016-03-16

I do something very similar: Spraying insecticide in a bucket and put a lamp without it touches the bucket edges to attract mosquitoes. For this to work it is necessary that the lights of the infested environment mosquitoes are off

adekmedan (author)2016-03-15

don't be afraid, we can put this thing only in a house not at the garden

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