In this project, I show you how to use magnets to make Halloween props on a table move without anything touching them.

To accomplish this, I first embedded magnets inside a severed hand prop. Then I took a second set of magnets and attached them to the end of a linear motor. This motor was mounted to the bottom of a table. When the hand is placed on top of the table, the motor is able to move the hand with the magnets. This process can be controlled manually or with various sensors and a microcontroller.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of the project.

<p>This is great! Excellent vid :D</p><p>It could also be done on a budget, using rods or pull-cords to manually operate the magnet. A simple setup would be an endless loop around a couple bolts, nails, screws, or whatever to act as pulleys. Make sure it's tight enough to hold the magnet against the table (or wall), but still moves easily. The magnet is glued to one point on the loop somewhere between the pulleys. Then attach a pull cord to any appropriate spot to give you the motion you want when it it is pulled. Attach a spring or bungee between some fixed point and the same point the pull cord, so that it pulls in the opposite direction as the cord. The pull cord can then be run through an eyelet to, say, a foot pedal made from two boards hinged together. Done! When you step on the pedal, the prop moves one way. When you lift your foot, it moves back! This can also be used to make scratching noises using a wire brush in place of the magnet!</p>
<p>What is the stroke of your linear motor? Thanks.</p>
About four inches. But you can hook up a simple lever that can increase the distance that they magnets move.
<p>Thanks for the response. I'm going to recreate this and wanted to ensure that I got the right length. I did! Thanks for the reply!</p>
<p>haha this is funny, good idea!</p>
<p>This is great! I will definitely keep it in mind for future use. Unfortunately, lacking in funds at the moment, so won't be doing it this year. But thanks to you, now I know how to do it. :-)</p>
Awesome idea to scare friends!
<p>I'd be tempted to mount it vertically and make it slap the hand reaching for candy. Nice project!</p>
<p>Vid working fine for me. Love it :-)</p>
But other than that real good!
Your video doesn't work
<p>Nice effect!</p>

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