My name is Artur and I would like to share this Automatic Neon Bottle Lamp with Arduino that I made for my bedroom.

The project: it is a Lamp made with plywood and an Arduino that turn on 4 neon LEDS under each bottle, that has fluorescent liquid inside, when you pass your hand in front of a ultrasonic sensor.

The motivation: I have always liked to make some simple projects. I had already done several ones with wood and other ones with electronics devices. Then, I decided to combine these two worlds and make that unique project that I am really proud of and I am happy to be able to share with the open-source community.

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Step 1: Part List

In order to build that, you will need:


- 2 Pieces of Plywood 1100x100x15mm

- 5 Pieces of Plywood 100x100x15mm

- 2 Wall Brackets

- 4 Wood Screws 3.5x14mm

- 1 Plastic Box 60x40x30mm

- 4 Transparent Glass Bottles 375ml

- 4 Cork Stoppers (that fit your bottles)

- Highlighters of Different Colors

- Transparent Detergent


- 1 Arduino Nano

- 1 Ultrasonic Sensor

- 4 LEDs UV 10mm 1W

- 4 Transistor BC547

- 4 Resistors 1K Ohm

- 1 PCB copper

- Strip Connector to Arduino Nano

- 8 Connectors to LEDs

- 3 Meters of Wires

- 1 Power Supply 5V 1.2A

- 1 Power Supply Connector


- Wooden Glue (you can use any glue that is recommended to wood stuff)

- Pistol Glue

- Stapler

- Soldering Iron

- Solder

- Drilling Machine

- 10mm Drill

- Retractable Term Tube

About the highlighters: you must buy highlighters that you are able to open the back part and have access to their ink cartridge (like you can see in the pictures). It will be essential to the coloring process!

<p>where to buy all leds and stuf (electrical products) :)</p>
Nice job bro!! It looks amazing. I'll try to build one for my house next week. TY
Thank you bro ;)<br>Anything you need, please call me!
<p>That looks awesome! Great job on the instructable :)</p>
Thank you very much! ;)
<p>Nice work. Regarding Leds, you should calculate each resistor separately as Leds haven't the same threshold, actually your colors aren't perfectly balanced. What's more important is to add resistors between Arduino and transistors bases, this will limit the Arduino output current and save some power aside, from 1k to 220k are good values. Transistors don't need that much current to commute, it depends on their gain which is usually higher than 100. Try beginning with 100k and check for luminosity, it shouldn't change. </p>
Hello rafununu! Thank you for the advice. At the time I forgot to put them, but after I soldered all the components, I realized that I missed and it would be very complicated to redo it!<br>But a totally agree with you and I will include that in the project.<br>About the color, some of then are brighter then the other, like the green and orange, it is something intrinsic to the color.

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