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I was getting sick of topping up my pool during some dry hot weather, so thought I'd knock up an automatic pool filler.

Now a pool is really like a big toilet cistern: which is essentially what I've built.

Parts List

  • 100mm storm water pipe
  • 100mm end cap
  • Cistern mechanism (get the enclosed float telescoping type)
  • Braided hose for water connction
  • Conduit bulk head grommet
  • PVC glue, drill, saw

So how do you get the water into the pool? I happened to have 25mm corrugated conduit coming from my pool light, so I threded the wires through the filler mechnism and used it to deliver the water.

Step 1: Assembly

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Assembly is very staight forward. Use a hole saw to cut holes for the cistern mechanism and pool water feed.

Cut the 100mm pipe to suit. Test assemble and when you are happy the cistern mech is not jamming, glue the pipe and end cap together. The cistern meck will will fit the braided hose without an adapter. Not shown is a quater turn stop cock connected to the other end of the braided pipe (dont forget to use PTFE tape). Connect the pool water feed and mount.I mounted the mechanism with stainless steel clamps under my deck next to the pool.

Use the telescoping function of the cistern mech to set the pool level.

The filler has been working for 6 months now without any issues.

Step 2: Schematic

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Here is a simple schematic to make the principal of how it works a bit more clear.


poiihy (author)2016-05-23

You used an electrical conduit, with wires in it, to deliver the water to the pool??

lbateman1 (author)poiihy2016-05-23

Yes, as that was the only easy way to get access in my particular case.
Note the pool filler has been working great guns since I installed it and has only needed maintenance for cleaning once.

poiihy (author)lbateman12016-05-23

Haha cool I like that

craftclarity (author)2014-06-02

I'd love to get a little more detail on how you built it....! This looks really useful!

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