Step 2: Install FreeRapid 0.82

Picture of Install FreeRapid 0.82
*update: v0.82 released.

Download the program file from the Download list on the left hand side of the homepage. You will need to install Java, if you dont have it already.

Installing Free Rapid 0.81, just means extracting FreeRapid-0.81.zip, 5.30MB to a directory of your choice. I have made both the Windows and Mac versions available through this instructable, because I experience some slow connections some times.

I suggest you install it to C:/Program Files/ now, if you are on your home computer. I have one at home and one of a flash drive that I carry around with me. Works great.

This nifty program is written in Java, so its largly platform independent, although a MacOSX dmg installation package is made available for those lazy Mac users :)

Run the program by locating frd.exe and you will see a nice Java UI. There are only a hand full of settings that you need to change from the default to make this little program work wonders.

In the next step, I show you the best configuration settings for seamless downloading, without any interaction for you >>