Step 3: Inserting Mercury Tilt Switch

Picture of Inserting Mercury Tilt Switch
Now for this step, you'll have to be very cautious because the tilt switch contains mercury--which is very toxic.
Put the mercury tilt switch into the battery compartment to fill in the available spot.
Manipulate the mercury tilt switch so that the two wires are on opposite sides of each other.
MAKE SURE to bend the leads slowly and flex them accordingly! You don't want to make this more difficult for yourself.
Make sure that one wire is on the positive side of the battery compartment and the other wire is touching the button cell.
If you wish to make it more secure, solder one of the ends to the positive side where an AA battery is suppose to go.
This will ensure the switch does not slip out while riding.
Slide the cap back on to seal it tight.
Repeat this step for the other battery compartment.

*Point the mercury filled bulb toward the positive side*