Step 8: Velcro on your EL and Battery

Picture of Velcro on your EL and Battery
Place the band on your arm. Fit it accordingly.
Make sure the velcro corresponding to the EL panel is on the back part of your arm and the battery pack in the front or near the front.
Just stick the EL onto Velcro and just angle it however you want. However you want.
Make sure to point the arrows toward the ground so when you do lift your arms, they do point to the designated direction. 
Same with the battery pack.
When you attach the battery pack, make sure the wiring goes up your arm and toward your body. This means it will trigger when you lift your arm and not drop your arm.
Angle it according to how high you want to lift your arm. Test it for how you fancy. 
Attach EL first and bring the wire toward your body and place it on the velcro, this will ensure the wire will not be flying everywhere and get caught on anything.