Step 9: Finished product and trouble shooting

Picture of Finished product and trouble shooting
Now you're iron man with blink  signals.
When removing, make sure you remove the pack or panel before unstrapping the entire band.

-Flickering and loose connection.
Nothing a little piece of tape securing the ends of the switch to the battery can't help
-Light not turning on. 
Make sure the ends are touching either battery and positive plate and mercury is touching ends
Battery is dead. or could be wire disconnecting.
-The EL panel and wire have disconnected.
Solder it back. Be careful not to melt anything!

sconner13 years ago
Good idea except that all hand signals (left turn, right turn and stop) are done by the left hand.
CTY1995 (author)  sconner13 years ago
Although your comment is true, there are lots of people in this world who does not know or forgot the hand signals. This way, there would not require any memorization of what direction your arm needs to be.
We all expect people who drive cars to know the rules of the road, and obey them.
We cyclists should too.
Nemweb3 years ago
You could add a transistor oscillator to make it more cool! But anyway, great project!