Step 8: Final test

rlarios2 years ago
Well done ! If you are a girl, I am impressed that you got to accomplish all this by yourself. I know many guys -self proclaimed geeks- who would never dare to do what you did !
Chipsy (author)  rlarios2 years ago
Thanks for the comment !
I'm Sorry (or not) i'm not a girl, the pics of my gf in the Valentine day's project may have fooled you !
Side note, I never meet a girl who is not from the internet and does electronics ...
rlarios Chipsy2 years ago
I'm still impressed as I haven't gotten started on Arduino myself!

I have done a few projects with MicroChip's PIC 8 bit conttrollers and your project sparked a few ideas in my head. I've noticed that most people here do stuff on Arduino and such articles are the ones with more views.

Thanks and keep up the good work.