Automatic Print Paypal





Introduction: Automatic Print Paypal

Print automatically the address of PayPal when you sell something

Step 1: Create an Account in PayPal and Sell Anything

Create an account in and try to sell anything, for example in

Step 2: Receive an Email From Paypal

When you sell a product with paypal, they send you an email with the address of the buyer.

Step 3: Create a Filter in Gmail

I'm using gmail because later I'll use google.script.

Create a filter in gmail from member at with the label "PendientePrintPaypal".

Step 4: Create a Script in

Create a script in

Copy the code

Remember change the address for your address

Step 5: Execute Automatically the Script Every Day

In google.script -> Recursos -> Activadores -> Crear activador (Spanish version)

Step 6: Receive an Email If You Sold

You're going to receive an email if you have sold a product.

The email has a link with a new document ( ( you can see directly in your google drive)

Step 7: Insert an Envelope in the Printer and Get the Address Printed

Insert an envelope (If you are going to send with stamp) in the printer and print the google docs.

You will get the address, the return address and the product sold.

Just add a stamp or attach in your parcel.



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    This is very useful. Thanks for sharing!