Step 4: Add the Electronic Timer

The last step was to plug in the timer, program it, and I was done!  I used an outdoor-rated electronic timer as opposed to a mechanical one so I could precisely adjust the time the water runs.  I have begun by having the water come on at 4pm each day and run for 10 minutes.  As we move into the hotter part of the summer I will probably have to lengthen this time.

Now that I'm out of the manual watering business, guess I'll have to find something else to do. 

Or,  I could just get even more lazy..........

If you had used a pump with a float switch, it would have automatically cut off when the barrel got low ?. More laziness ??
<p>could this work if I attached a hose timer to the spigot at the bottom of the rain barrel? would I still need a fountain pump?</p>
It depends upon how much water pressure is coming from the rain barrel.
When the barrel is empty, is there something that prevents the punp from turning on? Or does your pump do ok with no water?
I turn the pump off if the barrel gets low.
<p>This looks great and I am going to try this next season. </p><p>You would get better effect if you watered your plants late in the evening or early in the morning. Lower solar evaporation losses than at 4:00PM </p>

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