Step 1: Restore on AC/Power Loss

Set the computer to power up when power is lost.  You can do this by entering the computers BIOS setup and looking for Power Management settings.  On most computer you will see "Restore on AC/Power Loss".  Enabling this will allow the computer to power up once house hold power is established.  An example would be: Your power goes out for a moment...when the power comes back on, your computer will automatically power up.  You want to "Enable" this feature, then Save & Exit the BIOS. Once saved, go ahead and power down your system.  
<p>I have seen that feature in BIOS for years and never thought of a purpose for it.</p><p>Thanks to you now I have.</p><p>Great work :)</p><p>And to dwjp90</p><p>While it use to be true that power up and down was not good because of bad soldering on motherboards and ram and cpu's etc, in the 1990's and before.</p><p>This is no longer true of even cheap motherboards now a days.</p><p>Hope this helps :)</p>
&nbsp;Interesting idea, but overall this will be bad for your computer. Constant power cycling to the power supply can cause damage.<br /> <br /> A better solution would be to wire up a relay of some sort to the power button itself.<br /> <br /> Good instructible overall though.<br />
So far the server has been setup this way for over a year now. No issues. The computer is not &quot;Power Cycling&quot; since it runs a proper shut down script to power off. Powering on, with the &quot;AC Power Loss feature&quot; is no different then hitting the power button in my opinion. Wake on LAN requires another computer to initiate the power up. With this set up, I can be at work and get to my web sites, web apps and files without having to wake up the computer first. <br>Also, is there a Sleep on LAN function? Can you shutdown the computer with WOL?
Or just use the wake-on-RTC feature shown just below the highlighted option in the photo above
thank you, updated<br>
The best solution, also the most technical, is to use Wake-on-LAN.

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