The Wolfram Data Drop is an open service that makes it easy to accumulate data of any kind, from anywhere—setting it up for immediate computation, visualization, analysis, querying, or other operations.

In this instructable we will connect Raspberry Pi (running Prota OS) with Wolfram data analysis service to accumulate and visualize the statistics on how much coffee our team is consuming and when. Yet following this example you can track and analyze pretty much anything.

To make this we used:

Step 1: First, Let's Look at the Output Result From Wolfram Alpha.

As you can see it's quite powerful given it took Wolfram alpha just under 10s to analyze and plot the data. And yeah, we consume a lot of coffee throughout the day..

Step 2: Connect the Laser Sensor to GPIO Pins on Your Raspberry Pi.

We connected to GPIO23 for data transmission.

Step 3: Access Your Prota by Going to Http://myprota.me and Configure Your GPIO Pin in the GPIO App.

Select the Interrupt mode.

Step 4: Go to Maker.ifttt.com and Click on How to Trigger Events.

Step 5: Enter Event Name and Copy the Link to Clipboard.

Step 6: In Prota OS Open the Ambiency App and Create New Rule Where GPIO Is Selected As a Trigger and Webhook Performs Action.

Step 7: Past the Link From the IFTTT Maker Channel in the Webhook App.

Once done, click on the green button and save your automation rule.

Step 8: Go Back to IFTTT.com and Create Rule Where Maker Channel Adds Data to Wolfram Data Drop.

You need to create your Data Drop account and make first data bin here.

If you are unsure how to add new data to data bin from IFTTT and other channels, read this guide here.

Step 9: It Is Easy to Analyze Data. Just Go to Data Drop and Click on [=] Sign.

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