Picture of Automatically remove unwanted songs from your iPod
This tutorial will show you how to use your iPod to mark songs for automatic deletion so you won't have to remember to do it later. It's the next best thing to having a "delete" button on your iPod. And don't worry this won't delete songs from iTunes, just from your iPod.

Now when you hear a song on your iPod you don't like anymore, you won't have to remember to delete it when you get back to your computer.

This method also comes with some other nifty benefits, I'll describe later on.

Step 1: Create two very special playlists

Picture of Create two very special playlists
The first playlist we're going to make is for all the music you want to have on your iPod, a good name for this playlist is "For iPod." Then add everything you want to have on your iPod to this playlist. Go nuts!

The second playlist we need is actually a "Smart Playlist" which is a playlist where songs are automatically added based on criteria you set. Create a Smart Playlist by choosing "New Smart Playlist" from the "File" menu. Then setup the Smart Playlist like this:

- "Match 'all' the following rules" should be checked
- The first criteria should be "Playlist is 'For iPod'" (or whatever you named the first playlist)
- The second criteria should be "Rating is not 1-star"
- Make sure "Live updating" is checked and the other two options are unchecked.

It should look pretty much just like the image below.

That's it, click "ok." All that's left is to name it, a good name for this playlist is "Sync iPod." This smart playlist will now contain everything that's in "For iPod" but nothing with a 1-star rating.
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cubyrop34 years ago
Dont delete Dani California! AWESOME SONG!
dude thats not right dani california is a good song along with the song snow.
dombeef6 years ago
Hey don't delete Dani California!
rollback7 years ago
Will this work with my Zune?
if you can use itunes with it and rate songs on it
I love my zune! Which one do you have?
i gotz a 4gig black. though ima get the zune touch when it comes out ( cough http://www.anythingbutipod.com/archives/2008/06/no-zune-phone-but-zune-touch-soon.php cough )
COUGH*A copy of the iPod touch*COUGH
wtf? ipod doesnt own the touch screen idea =P
touch screen mp4s have been around for a LONG time, macentosh fanboys just say ipods own it
I didn't say they owned it, just said they had it first is all.
NO they dident, touch screens have been around for a while, ipods just made them popular =P
I meant for an mp3 or mp4 player, not counting phones. I'm not a macintosh fanboy btw. I just wanted the ipod touch 'cuz it seemed cool.
No, not even for the mp3/4s they've been around seince... i think the first time i saw one was 05' where i-touchs came out around late-07'

and i was'nt calling you a mac fanboy i'm just saying that they do say that crap =o
I don't wanna read it, but looks awesome! When does it come out?
it doesent say =( but it does say that its coming out soon. so mabye christmas? i hope =)
Yeah! Me too!
yea me 2
it's great
omgomgomg!!! Me too! What color?
Wafflicious6 years ago
wait if I add everything to my for ipod playlist will i still be able to delete if they are 1 star ?
nvm figured it out
so can I still delete stuff on that playlist?
Wafflicious6 years ago
Very cool! I can't believe I didn't figure this out!
Cool lol thnx for info
KlM07 years ago
Awesome! I have the iPhone. I will be applying your technique to it this afternoon. Now if you would create a way to unlock and block open my iPhone so I can add software and make any other personal adjustments to my iPhone and my music too :) Thanks again! Cheers, KIMO+
Monkeybo1 KlM07 years ago
Actually its called jailbreaking, a quick search on youtube shows tons of wonderful how-to guides.
or even an even Quicker scroll to the end of this page
thats really cool, thanks for the tip
zwhite937 years ago
I'm not one who usually cares about voiding warranties, but with an iPod its iffy. You might consider just adding the song to your "on the go" playlist by finding it in the menu and holding down the center button. I have a 3rd generation; do they have this on the newer ones?
ld3300 zwhite937 years ago
How would this void a warranty? It is using iTunes and the iPod exactly as they were designed to be used. It doesn't have anything to do with the iPod, all the work is done in iTunes.
zwhite93 ld33007 years ago
I was referring to those recommending installing rockbox. I'm pretty sure thats not kosher, but who knows. I'm not about to go read the legal stuff. Great instructable.
mtxe zwhite937 years ago
If my memory serves me right: You can uninstall Rockbox & it is like it was never installed.
You are sort of correct. You can run the iPod Updater software, on you computer and RockBox will be gone.
icy_tm zwhite937 years ago
Rockbox is, as far as I know, within the limits of your warranty. The Apple warranty only says things about modification of hardware, but nothing about installing third-party firmware. Plus, you can always just delete the files and restore the bootloader.
zwhite93 icy_tm7 years ago
Thanks. I didn't realize that. I surrender ;)
Zujus7 years ago
Really useful , unless you have 160gb ipod like I do.
Wasagi7 years ago
Dani California Rules! I've got both Stadium Arcadium discs on my IPod!
HOMEPIE647 years ago
is there any way to record from camcorder directly to ipod without a 100 dollar piece of crap??
Bluemini7 years ago
very simple and genius

********** 10 out of 5 Stars!!!
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