This Instructable is to walk you through the steps of making your Xbox360 capable of being used in a car without an inverter. It involves only a few parts and the ability to solder. Obviously a Xbox360 would be helpful along with solder, wire, and soldering iron or gun. I had a Roadmaster VRFM8BLN Mp3/WMA Fm transmitter w/usb lying around and wasn't using it.Roadmaster I decided to put it to good use and allow it to power my Xbox360. This is how I did it.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the death of your Xbox360 or your automobile if this project goes a rye. There is slim chance that anything could happen but be careful and when it doubt use a ohmmeter to ensure the correct volts and amps. GOOD LUCK!

Step 1: Material List

QTY Description
1 Xbox360 with power cord ($300.00 and up)

1 Roadmaster Vrfm8 Fm transmitter. about ($20.00)

1 Female 9 Position interlocking connector (Radioshack.com part number 274-229) $2.59

2 Male 9 Position interlocking connectors (Radioshack.com part number 274-239) $2.59

1 Three pack of wire at Radio Shack (18-20 AWG, 1 red, 1 black, and 1 green spool) ???

Also: Electrical tape, soldering gun or iron, solder, and I like using a third hand that hold objects to make soldering that much easier.
Turning 12v to 110 then back to 12 and 5 is a very wasteful proposition and non pure sine wave inverters have their own issues. Used xbox 360s are pretty cheap nowadays. <br>You can get 12v regulated dc-dc power supplies pretty cheap as well as 12v to 5v dc-dc buck converters, thats the way to go here. I have a 1000 watt inverter in my SUV, but if I can use something straight off 12v I go that route first. <br>So in conclusion critics of this instructible aren't entirely off base but there are workarounds to mitigate all these issues, and the alternatives have their own issues too. <br>Personally I wouldn't do this without a dedicated power hookup fused at the battery, using an automotive style trailer plug, and a second isolated battery unless it was only for passengers. (You aren't going to run that xbox and a tv for very long parked without killing your battery.)
This is such a BAD idea. <br> <br>No regulation. <br>Over loading a cigarette plug's rate amperage <br> <br>Do this and run your car and you will get 14.4volts (or more) in to your Xbox and kill it. <br> <br>Do this and run your battery down and you will only get 10volts (or less) the amp draw will go through the roof and you will burn out your cars wiring. <br> <br>Worst guide ever! <br> <br>
<p>Running your battery down will yield less current not more (ohms law), so forget the burning out yours cars wiring bollocks.</p>
<p>Running your battery down will yield less current not more (ohms law), so forget the burning out yours cars wiring bollocks.</p>
<p>May as well just <strong><em>BUY</em></strong> an inverter.</p>
nice! im going to try thit with th bt open zone. ha ha imagane that playing on xbox live while on the move!
id love to see one that had a built in line conditioner and was run straight to the hot pin on the ignition with a small battery back up to keep it going when starting the car and give it time to shut down when you shut it off<br />
NOT advisable! when you start the car it can go down to as low as 10v(fry your xbox360) when running it can reach up to 14.7v(whats that horrible smell coming out of my xbox360!) 5v regulator is not rated for the load/no heat sink regulators can burn out causing 10-15v at the xbox360 (why did my xbox360 smell of burning and make a bang) the cigarette plug is only rated for 10amps (120w)max! not 17amps that the xbox360 uses ( 200w) it could set fire or burnout the car wiring and YOUR xbox360! it is not worth the risk! not to mention that it will void your warranty.
WOW! This looks amazing! Of course, you could have bought an dc to ac inverter for your car from Wal-Mart for around $20 and not have to rip apart your Xbox 360 cable. Most models plug easily into the 12v car cigarette adapter and provide you with one or two outlets powerful enough to run a small television, and not risk hundreds of dollars of damage to your Xbox 360 and/or car.
this was cheaper than 20 dollars and the plug works fine. Who sees the plug anyway. Also, It is a waste of energy to run 12 volts into 110 volts only to have it broken down to 12 and 5 volts again. A lot of the time inverters cause audio and video problems. Humming, waviness in the video. This works 100 times better than any inverter.
is the voltage still regulated as it should be? obviously bypassing the power brick is cutting out a whole load of protection that was there to stop the console suffering from voltage drops and spikes.
I was thinking the same thing, the power in the car can fluctuate, like when you start the engine for example, also, I'm not sure you should be running it like this, the XBox pulls a lot of amps on the 12V line.
does anyone know where i can get a battery that plugs directly into the xbox 360

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