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Introduction: Autonomous Arduino Rover 5

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This is my very first Arduino, I wanted to learn C and C++ programming while having fun. So I decided to put together an autonomous toy capable of driving itself around and avoid obstacles. Again I am in the process of learning still a rookie, my codes work for now but could use some improvements. I used the Dagu Rover 5 tank chassis with two motors. I also have two ultrasonic distance sensor ( HC-SR04), one in the bottom for emergency stop, and one on top scan while in autonomous mode. They are  mounted on two servos, bottom servo for left and right, top servo for up and down. I have an On and OFF switch. I used a potentiometer connected to analog pen 0. All the way to the left  mean Autonomous mode, and all the way to the right mean programming. Like I say it is still a learning process, I try to improve my codes as much as I can. It help me avoid the robot crawling around my desk when the USB is connected. I will post a more detail guide when time permit. 

here is the code

This was my very first boot, as seen on the video, code needed some review. As it get confuse when it approach an obstacle.

 outdoor grass testing

codes were updated, now able to scan and decided the safest direction without obstacles.



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    10 Discussions

    Hi I'm working on something similar as well and would like to see the code involved. the link is no longer functioning...thanks and Kudos on all the hard work

    Hi...working on something similar and would love to see your code...but the above download link no longer works...thanks!

    Where can you download the code? DropBox no longer posts it.

    Could you please publish how to make it. I am a student and would like to make this robot as I am getting better at arduino. A step by step process and parts list would be nice. Nice page. Thank you

    1 reply

    I wanted to published a How to guide, but most of the components I used were laying around my house. It turn out ok, but it was more of a sporadic built. Unfortunately not everything is documented. Give me a couple days, I will see what I can do.

    Hey..nice project...I was wondering whether you used the webcam that is mounted on the distance sensor?

    1 reply

    Yes, usually I turn it on and let it run loose around the house. Wireless Cam allow me to see what it is doing and where it is.

    Could you make available your code? I am having trouble with mine and would like to see how you did it.