Hey everyone, this is my very first robot. I'm a 15 year old freshman. I've been interested in robots since the 6th grade and been trying to build one ever since. I've decided to call it A.A.T because it's an autonomous arduino tank, just as the name states.

My robot consist of a reused remote control tank chassis and a couple of other components which can be found below in the "Materials Needed" section. I've never used an Arduino before but I have heard of them since the 7th grade and now I'm psyched in having to use one. I've completed this robot with the help of many sources for example websites, books about Arduinos, family, and friends.

Step 1: Materials Needed


1. RC Tank Chassis
2. Arduino Uno
3. Breadboard w/ Jumper Wire Set
4. SN754410NE Motor Driver
5. Standard Servo
6. Ping Ultrasonic Range Finder
7. 9 Volt Snap Connector
8. 9 Volt Battery
9. DC Power Plug
10. x4 D Size Batteries
11. x4 D Battery Holder
12. Male Servo Extension 
13. USB A to B Cable
14. 6" x 6" Base Plate (Optional)


1. Screw Driver Set
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Solder Pencil

Where is the link for the program?????
<p>you used bearing to make the tyre move, isn't it?</p>
<p>You can buy the everything used in this robot in <br><a href="http://www.smartarduino.com/search.php?Keyword=tank&page=2" rel="nofollow">http://www.smartarduino.com/search.php?Keyword=tan...</a></p>
I apreciate so much your initiative! Really! Congratulations! Keep improving your abilities and you can turn out to be a great robotics engineer some day!
Great Project! <br>Two things: <br>1: You should use perfboard instead of a breadboard for a cleaner and more permanent circuit <br>2: Radioshack sucks, don't go there. You will be a happier teenager, and not as broke, too.
looking at the sketch i have not been able to load it correctly, was wondering what is different from the link to the 4 pics you have. the &quot;sketch check&quot; mentions that you dont have a servo type, and i am not sure what pin you are using on the arduino for the servo. I am thinking it is #8 but i have not scanned through the sketch. any help would be nice, i am new and just starting out. thanks.
*hundreds of people chanting* <br> <br>&quot;Video! Video! Video! Video!&quot;
Hi again, I started using the l293one motor driver without the ping or anything else. I want to ask you how many volts should the battery be and is it normal for the l293 to be very hot very quickly? Heres my program btw: <br> <br>int motorpin1= 3; <br>int motorpin2= 4; <br>int enablepin= 9; <br>int motorpin3= 5; <br>int motorpin4= 6; <br>int enablepin2= 10; <br> <br>int leftdist, rightdist; <br>long duration; <br> <br>void setup() <br>{ <br> pinMode(motorpin1, OUTPUT); <br> pinMode(motorpin2, OUTPUT); <br> pinMode(enablepin, OUTPUT); <br> pinMode(motorpin3, OUTPUT); <br> pinMode(motorpin4, OUTPUT); <br> pinMode(enablepin2, OUTPUT); <br> digitalWrite(enablepin, HIGH); <br> digitalWrite(enablepin2, HIGH); <br>} <br> <br>void loop() <br>{ <br> <br> digitalWrite(motorpin1, HIGH); <br> digitalWrite(motorpin2, HIGH); <br> digitalWrite(motorpin3, HIGH); <br> digitalWrite(motorpin4, HIGH); <br>}
if the next obstruction to the robot's path is far away (i.e. across the room) wouldn't the ping method return &quot;0&quot; and since 0 &lt; 10 the robot would think it ran in to something and search for a better route? <br>
I have a question. Instead of using the motor driver, could I just use a motor shield?
Yes you can use a motor shield. But since i was too lazy and didn't want to go to my local Radio shack, i decided to make my own. <br>
Alright..also, is the code the same if I used a motor shield?
It should be, there aren't many differences with the SN754410NE motor driver and the L293D motor driver. They're pretty much the same thing except that the SN754410NE is made by Texas Instruments.
okay, thanks bro!

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