It is a robot that autonomously detect and extinguish fire.It use flame sensor for detection and arduino board for processing.Fire extinguisher along with electronic valve( actuator) is used to extinguish the detected fire.

The robot rotates while actively scanning for fire. This scanning is performed by sensors placed on the sides.When a fire is detected, it moves in the direction of fire an stops 30 cm in front of it and trigger the extinguisher to turn out the fire.















In this project, arduino leonardo board is used. Any arduino board can be selected.

Basic description of the board can be seen in the picture.


Flame sensor modules do not cost much, and the efficiently detect flame.

Keyes flame sensor module is used for this project which has a sensitivity adjustment pot. It has a positive supply pin, which must be provided with a +5v supply. GND pin must be grounded. This module provides both analog as well as digital outputs. Only digital output is used in this project.


Since the arduino board can supply only 5v which is insufficient for driving motor, motor driver is used.

With the help of motor driver, clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of motor can be easily achieved. Motor driver must be supplied with a supply voltage of 5v -9v. Ground must be connected to the ground pin of arduino board.

Since this robot needs to carry a fire extinguisher, dc gear motor having enough torque must be selected. Here i have used metallic gear motor with 60rpm, having 10-12kg/cm torque.


General fire extinguishers are heavier and difficult to be transported or triggered. A spray type one will be most convenient and affordable. In case of general type, an electronic valve should be used to release the gas or foam.

For the spray type, electronic actuator can be used. In this project, i have used spray type extinguisher an instead of actuator, a cam mechanism is used to apply pressure on the nozzle. Cam mechanism consist of a metallic cam

connected to a gear motor. It presses the nozzle knob as it rotates. A separate motor driver is used to drive this motor.


Choose a board of convenient size and strength to carry the extinguisher. Use either metal plate board or plywood board. Drill out holes for connecting motor clamps.Place the motor to the chassis with the help of clamp and connect wheels. Short the wires of the motor on the same side such that they rotate in the same direction.Connect each motor pair to the motor driver. Place the flame sensors in the front side of chassis 5-6cm apart, such that the sensor in middle is placed at the center of chassis. Sensitivity of sensors on the sides must be adjusted to detect fire far away. Sensitivity of the center sensor is reduced to detect fire 30cm away. Digital outputs of sensors are connected to pin 2,3,4 of the arduino board. Connect an led to pin 10 so that it glows when fire is detected. Inputs to the motors on left side is obtained from pins 5 and 6 and that for motors on right side is obtained from pin 7 and 8. Pin 11 used to trigger the valve or actuator( pin 11 and12 for cam arrangement). Fire extinguisher must be place on the top of the chassis, inclined at an angle so that it release towards fire. Adjust sensitivity of the center sensor and position or angle of the extinguisher to match the triggering.

My robo....??
<p>can u pls tell me how to connect the motors to the driver ic</p>
Just connect two motor in one motor driver ic....<br>Bye shorting input terminal of driver ic<br>
<p>Hey, just want to ask a question, </p><p>There are 3 flame sensors and all three would have a Vcc pin. How do u connect all 3 to the voltage pin on an arduino uno board?</p>
<p>can you pls send me all the details and circuit diagram in this account angelogutomanbautista@yahoo.com</p>
What is ckt diagram of this project
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/nishad111/" rel="nofollow"></a></p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/nishad111/" rel="nofollow">nishad111</a> I would like to convey my gratitude for your instructable,as without it i would'nt have been able to complete my project.I also added obstacle avoidance to it.</p>
<p>hi</p><p>nicely done. can you send me details how did you made it please. can you send it to martintarum1234@gmail.com</p>
<p>Even am working on it..Hopefully i will finish it in 2 days..will send u the details once i complete it..</p>
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<p>can you please send me the details on my email kumarharsh1403@gmail.com</p>
If sombody send u details , could u plz send it to me<br>Mohammad.al-shalabi@hotmail.com
Iska to send kro muze 9049965517 par
I was wondering if you email me the full steps on how you did it and what materials you used. 85 would be greatly appreciated. My email is sergio.chan2929@gmail.com. Thank you(:
I need details and vedio of making it can u please send me to yamalavenkatrao@gmail.com
<p>bro.. Great Job. Can u help me with it for my final year project.?</p>
<p>can u add the circuit diagram and wiring instructions please .</p>
Very important<br>No body should go for pre account . Its the same here what u see in steps
while(digitalRead(d2)==HIGH)<br><br>{<br><br>digitalWrite(led,HIGH);<br><br>digitalWrite(enable,HIGH);<br><br>start();<br><br>brake();<br><br>delay(5000);<br><br>normal();<br><br>backward();<br><br>delay(700);<br><br>forward();<br><br>delay(1000);<br><br>}<br><br>spray_stop();<br><br>digitalWrite(led,LOW);<br><br>delay(500);<br><br>normal();<br><br>digitalWrite(enable,LOW);<br><br>}<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>Explain mi this code
<p>please explain details of components ...............</p>
<p>can u plz explain me cam mechanism</p>
<p>from this which motors are a1,a2 and about the sensor d1,d2,d3 </p><p>plz give me the detail info about this</p>
<p>a1 ,a2=right</p><p>d1=left</p><p>d2=front</p><p>d3=right</p>
<p>can dend its programming ??</p>
<p>int d1 = 2;</p><p>int d2 = 3;</p><p>int d3 = 4;</p><p>int led = 10;</p><p>int motora1 = 5;</p><p>int motora2 = 6;</p><p>int motorb1 = 7;</p><p>int motorb2 = 8;</p><p>int cam_motor1 = 11; </p><p>int cam_motor2 = 12; </p><p>int enable = 9; </p><p>void setup(){</p><p> pinMode(led,OUTPUT);</p><p> pinMode(d1,INPUT);</p><p> pinMode(d2,INPUT);</p><p> pinMode(d3,INPUT);</p><p> pinMode(motora1,OUTPUT);</p><p> pinMode(motora2,OUTPUT);</p><p> pinMode(motorb1,OUTPUT);</p><p> pinMode(motorb2,OUTPUT);</p><p> pinMode(cam_motor1,OUTPUT);</p><p> pinMode(cam_motor2,OUTPUT);</p><p>}</p><p> void brake()</p><p> { digitalWrite(motora1,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(motora2,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb1,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb2,LOW);</p><p> }</p><p> void rotate()</p><p> {</p><p> digitalWrite(motora1,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(motora2,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb2,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb1,LOW);</p><p> }</p><p> void left()</p><p> {</p><p> digitalWrite(motora2,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(motora1,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb1,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb2,LOW);</p><p> }</p><p> void forward()</p><p> {</p><p> digitalWrite(motora1,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(motora2,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb1,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb2,LOW);</p><p> }</p><p> void backward()</p><p> {</p><p> digitalWrite(motora2,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(motora1,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb2,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(motorb1,LOW);</p><p> }</p><p> void start()</p><p> { digitalWrite(cam_motor1,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(cam_motor2,LOW);</p><p> }</p><p> void spray_stop()</p><p> {</p><p> digitalWrite(cam_motor1,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(cam_motor2,HIGH);</p><p> }</p><p> void normal()</p><p> {</p><p> digitalWrite(cam_motor1,LOW);</p><p> digitalWrite(cam_motor2,LOW);</p><p> }</p><p> void loop(){</p><p> rotate();</p><p> while(digitalRead(d1)==HIGH&amp;&amp;digitalRead(d3)==HIGH&amp;&amp; digitalRead(d2)==LOW)</p><p> {</p><p> digitalWrite(led,HIGH);</p><p> forward();</p><p> }</p><p> while(digitalRead(d2)==HIGH)</p><p> {</p><p> digitalWrite(led,HIGH);</p><p> digitalWrite(enable,HIGH);</p><p> start();</p><p> brake();</p><p> delay(5000);</p><p> normal();</p><p> backward();</p><p> delay(700);</p><p> forward();</p><p> delay(1000);</p><p> }</p><p> spray_stop();</p><p> digitalWrite(led,LOW);</p><p> delay(500);</p><p> normal();</p><p> digitalWrite(enable,LOW);</p><p> }</p>
Dear is this code is working or not???? And where we used cam moter2?????
ANy send mi the working and circuit diagram of this program.... to much emergency.... plz send mi at 9049965517....aslo comment on it here..... plezzzz&hellip;?plezz fast send ....
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<p>nice project </p>
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I want to knw which motoru used n even wheels a s they have t to be fire proof n can i connect night vision camera n fire sensor to detect fire n can i make it Android controller please clarify my doubts quickly as i have to do a project
<p>plz elaborate what u had connected at pin 9? </p>
<p>can i connect a bluetooth module and fire sensor both to the arduino? i need it for the science project please reply ASAP.</p>
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<p>can you please tell me how costly to making a firefighting robot project</p>
<p>Can I plz know where you got these materials, and also can you plz send me the circuit diagram and code plz? Also, can I use an alternative to the arduino board?</p><p>azrink03@gmail.com </p>
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<p>hi iam hazem i am egyptian i want the circuit of robot desien please</p>
<p>I'm making this project and the robot will be controlled using a WiFi device, I need to control the motor in both directions and to achieve this purpose i am using Arduino Mega 2560, Could anybody please send me the code for motor controlling? I badly need it.</p><p>Your cooperation will be highly obliged.</p>
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<p>Neat idea, I too have built a few fire fighting and fire resistant robots... If you don't mind a tip; I generally cover all of the sensitive parts in a fabric called Nomex. This fabric is very fire retardant and will shield against heat. It's made by Dupont and can be easily added onto surfaces with a strong permanent fabric glue. </p><p>http://www.dupont.com/products-and-services/personal-protective-equipment/thermal-protective/brands/nomex.html</p>
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