Hi friends of instructables. I am here again with a very interesting project. If you have children, they will be fascinated. Imagine that you set up a toy car with an engine that only goes forward. certainly when it finds a wall, hit. Well that prevent it hit? to stop before hitting him?
Ok. Now you are wondering what is my project, right?
Based on an infra-red sensor to analogue, I build this autonomous car.
The circuit has few components and is easy to mount and only a little difficult to adjust the angle of the sensor.

Step 1: The parts

To mount it you need the following parts:

-1 Relay to 9V with two contacts (one normally open and one normally closed)
-1 U.B white LED
-1 IR LED (TIL 38)
-1 photo-transistor (TIL 32)
-2 1K resistor
-1 9v C.C engine
-1 9V battery connector
-1 chassis of an old toy car (preferably one that already has an engine, lock the pictures)

Step 3: Finish

Picture of Finish
after having mounted plate, housing the circuit in the car and have fun.
Ready? Well this all done, enjoy your child and be happy =D
until the next. Bye!
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intiguy3 years ago
and pretty easy!
Nemweb (author)  intiguy3 years ago
No problems guy! I'm happy by your comment! Thanks!
intiguy3 years ago
good one!!!!!