The following is the construction method for making your own Autonomy Bag. An Autonomy Bag can be used to submit to rules of containment, yet determine to conditions of where an when one is contained. It can be used for the implementation of ephemeral autonomous space.

48 inch roll of brown craft paper.
Tape measure
Clear tape
Rubber cement
Stencil set
Black spraypaint

Step 1:

Roll out brown paper and measure off 138 inches in length. Cut that piece off at a nice perpendicular.
totally going to do this once I find paper.
exsqueeze me, but this is a blanket fort. i built one yesterday with my 4 year old grandson. we were fighting off the mutants from under the couch. we sustained horrible losses, but enjoyed a complete and total victory! i wish you as much success with your paper womb. lol!
This is pretty amazing.
I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.. thank you for sharing
You spraypainted on top of a couch!? Looks like it was in the garage, so probably one you don't care about.<br /> <br /> Nice bag, reminds me of <a href="http://www.theonion.com/articles/police-baffled-by-bottleshaped-paper-bag,746/">this article</a>.
Super useful. My coworkers and I sometimes hide in boxes to get away from it all... this is much fancier. :D

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