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I am in dark.I am having a candle but I don't have matchsticks for lighting it.In the last words I mean to say that this instructable is just about an idea which can be very helpful but the thing is how will we proceed with it using arduino, not only with arduino we may use some other source.Our aim is to prepare a device that can be efficiently useful for the people who cannot read because they are sightless.This device would read out the text that is written.For making such device we should think about some components that may be helpful for us i.e. Camera module,arduino,android mobile,arduino voice shield,spectacles,etc.The above Image can be selected as the design of the device as the camera would focus on the text which is in front of our eyes just we should give the command to the device to start reading the text.The connection of other components on the spectacles can be managed using different setting.

Working of the model

The working of the device should go as follow:-

  • The camera should process the image of the text and send the image to the particular Brain that we select for our device.
  • Then the brain should send the information to any reading device that can read the text i.e. if we are using arduino we use arduino voice shield.
  • But while gathering information for making this device I found some android app that can help us.But we have to some how process it with the android application. I think this Idea is good but is difficult to make but not impossible.We should think on this idea so that the people should get benefit out of it.


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