Autorechargeable Battery





Introduction: Autorechargeable Battery

This is a solar cell powered battery.

Step 1: First Step

Take 4 condenser, connect with the solder all the positive pins,than connect all the negative pins. Attach the solar cell's positive cable to the condenser's positive pins and the negative cable to the condenser's negative pins.



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This is a BEAM Robot called a "Symet". It stores power in a trickle charge and then spins a motor for a few seconds and starts again.

Yo Joe, what how much voltage does this little setup produce?

it will always "produce"? a voltage same as solar cell's output voltage...a step up transformer circuit could be useful to make more VOLTAGE out of them...but forget current.....

take bigger capacitor i cant find nothing here i'm in a island!!

Pull apart a computer, there's some(4-9) big capacitors near the CPU

What have you done here? More detail would be awesome...


If you could add more details to this page or or send me more details It would be appreciated.

tihs one sucks to

hmm, did you even give values for the capacitors? how is it even a battery? this would only give a tiny amount of mAH, what could you even run from it without some sort of pulsing circuitry like that used in BEAM robots? and a "condenser"? its a capacitor