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Introduction: Autorun : Know It All

Hello everyone, In this instructables we are going to learn about Autorun files.

Step 1: What Is an Autorun File

An autorun file consist of a series of commands that runs whenever a flash storage device is inserted or accessed through windows explorer("When double clicked") on a Windows PC.

The Autorun at times is used for installing keyloggers and RATs through a flash device. If a windows PC has autorun enabled then a USB(with autorun files) can run a number of programs and a user would even don't know about it.

Step 2: Enabling Autorun

Autorun feature to auto execute programs in Windows 7 or newer versions has been disabled for security reasons but you can always re-enable it by using some softwares.

For me I use "USBDeview" from nir-soft.

Now to enable autorun navigate to "USBDeview>Options>AutoPlay when device is connected" USBDeview save your settings to a configuration file so you don't need to do this again and again. But, USBDeview doesn't starts on it's own every time you start your PC.

To start USBDeview automatically add a new value to registry

Navigate through:

Then add a new String Value with any name, and finally add location of your program as the value data.

Step 3: Using Autorun

Once you have enabled autorun you are ready to use it.

You can create flash drives to execute a number of programs automatically. To do so, create a new file in notepad and paste the following code:




action=Browse files.


Then save it as autorun.inf to the drive then, Paste an icon file to the drive("Icon.ico"). This will execute anyfile.exe application whenever the drive is inserted.

Thanks for reading. Further questions or suggestions are welcome.



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