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Well, it's Golden Autumn now, a beautiful season of the Year... Enjoy )
Front, close-up, top and bottom views.
Glass and plastic beads on turned and painted wooden base.


janmac2 (author)2008-10-16

what an inspiring egg! it must have taken hours?

dragon-taurus (author)janmac22008-11-07

Thank you! I needed about 9 hours for this one.

farida (author)2008-10-10

Fabulous! Would love to learn from this great talent.

dragon-taurus (author)farida2008-10-11

Thank you!

ClaireW01 (author)2008-10-05

Who makes these wonderful treasures? Kudos!!

dragon-taurus (author)ClaireW012008-10-05

Thanks a lot!

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