I am always fascinated by the leaves changing colors in autumn.Specially the Ahorn leaves.I hate this season because of the rain and wind,in the mean time I love to see the golden colors of the leaves.Every year I make some thing nice with these beautiful Ahorn leaves.Unfortunately I do not have  step by step pictures to upload in this site.Now that I came to know this site  I decided to publish what I  make this year.I am so happy that it turned out very well and gives a nice atmosphere and a  romantic feeling  in our  living area, where I spend a lot of time in the evenings.On a cold windy night I switch off all the lights and have only this glow on while watching the television.

Step 1: Supplies

Dried  Twigs
A long Vase
Cellotape -not in picture
Brown and green wire tapes
Autumn Ahorn  leaves in shaded colours
Decorative lights 
Metal Wire (option)
this is beautiful...!I love those shades.. :)
<p>Thanks! Faiza,these are autumn colors.I love this season.</p>
I love this,unfortunately there is no autumn in our country.
This is beautiful! I love Autumn leaves :-)
Thank you
Thank you!!You are correct.

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