This Instructible details the design and construction of Autumn's Light, a fall faerie themed quartz topped staff, complete with 3D printed parts and plenty of LED awesomeness!

The LED controller has several key features:

  • Many modes to choose from including Fire, Storm, Water, Earth, and a variety of rainbow and sparkle effects
  • Adjustable brightness (from barely visible to beacon bright!)
  • Momentary brightness Boost (with multiple boost buttons!)
  • "Photo Mode" which freezes the animation of the LEDs if the brightness UP and boost button are pressed together, and keeps it frozen as long as the boost is pressed.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery (with USB charging!)

There are Four major parts to the project:

  1. Sourcing: Where to get this stuff!
  2. Design: The 3D modeling and design work that went into the staff, as well as the electronics work, and code to run the LEDs.
  3. Construction: The assembly of the 3D parts onto the stick.
  4. Decoration: Taking it from some bits of wood and plastic to a proper costume item!

Step 1: Sourcing Step 1: Obtain a Crystal

This is probably one of the more challenging parts of the project, as large pieces of quartz can be hard to come by.

What you are looking for is a mostly clear piece of quartz, with some but not too many cracks and clouds.

Here near Portland Oregon, the best place I've found for crystals is Mystery Gallery: http://www.mysterygalleryrocks.com/ They have great rocks and crystals at incredible prices!

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