Aux cable installation for a Cabasse Auditorium 6CD system - fitted in Renault cars

Step 6: Wire it all up!

Picture of Wire it all up!
1 - Connect the wires together in a connector block.
2 - Push the CD lead onto the connector pins - make sure :
a. The one wire on its own (out of the 3 on the CD lead) goes over the pin closest to the aerial on the stereo
b. It fits firmly in place
3 - Slide the grey cover back over the plug
4 - Pull the plastic handle back over the connector so its held firmly in place
ar2k4 years ago
Excellent advice and tutorial. This has saved me many hours of trying to figure this out! Followed the instructions as suggested and i'm now ipodding away in the car! Even the renault forums did not have as good advice as this!

Thank you! :)
billytkid (author)  ar2k4 years ago
Glad it helped :)