Step 6: Wire It All Up!

1 - Connect the wires together in a connector block.
2 - Push the CD lead onto the connector pins - make sure :
a. The one wire on its own (out of the 3 on the CD lead) goes over the pin closest to the aerial on the stereo
b. It fits firmly in place
3 - Slide the grey cover back over the plug
4 - Pull the plastic handle back over the connector so its held firmly in place
<p>Thanks for this,</p><p>I managed to get it working and now have a Aux lead in my car :)</p><p>For reference I used Molex C-Grid III housings (http://uk.farnell.com/molex/90123-0104/housing-pol... and crimps (http://uk.farnell.com/molex/90119-2110/contact-soc...</p><p>Lucky for me my work has a crimp tool for this but I think if you are careful you can use some needle nose pliers.</p><p>Regards</p><p>Mash</p>
<p>Hi mate!</p><p>Brilliant demo. I'm just having one problem with the connector block - I have never done anything like this before ha!</p><p>Am I connecting the audio CD wires in a connector block and then connecting the CD wires to the pins? If so, what do you use to connect the CD wires to the pins now we've taken the grey connector out that was in there before?</p><p>Really appreciate your help.</p><p><br>Fred</p>
<p>Hi Fred,</p><p>sadly I sold my clio a few years ago so cant check anymore. Take a look at the photos, you need a flat black connector from a PC, this then connects into the pins on the back of the head unit. Sadly all I've got is the pictures to remember</p><p>thx</p>
<p>Hi! Great work! I have been wanting to mod my 2006 Sc&eacute;nic, which has a Cabasse audio system, and although the A/C and fan controls are exactly alike, the head unit is nothing like yours. Mine has no &quot;expert&quot; button. Do you think I can find it somewhere else?</p>
Hiya,<br><br>sadly I sold my Renault a year or two ago, best of luck hunting<br><br>thx
does the 3.5mm lead and the pc cd-rom lead need to be soldered together to create the custom cable? or is it enough to twist the wires to connect them and wrap in electrical tape?
I'de like to do this to my 2006 Clio Dynamique, could you be a bit more specific with what I will need? <br>&quot;Normal audio lead&quot; - 3.5 to 3.5 cable?<br>&quot;A computer internal CD audio lead&quot; - ?<br>&quot;Electrical connector block&quot; - ?<br><br>Just a bit more detail would be GREAT!<br>Thanks<br>
Hiya,<br><br>just any audio lead thats got a 3.5m jack at one end, the other end you'll cut off to put into the connector block<br><br>thx<br><br>Will
It works perfectly! Very clear tutorial. I can finally listen to music from my Samsung Galaxy SII in my Renault Megane II! Many many thanx!!<br>You da bomb!
thank you very much, just completed the job myself and the guide was 100%. it made a job which i would'nt have been able to do on my own very simple.
Excellent advice and tutorial. This has saved me many hours of trying to figure this out! Followed the instructions as suggested and i'm now ipodding away in the car! Even the renault forums did not have as good advice as this! <br><br>Thank you! :)
Glad it helped :)
What a silly place to install a head unit!! I always know Renaults were odd, but this takes the biscuit!!! Nice workaround mod though... :)
Does it have a working?just jk:)
This is a very nice Instructable thus far. Please add a main image.

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