Step 3: Affix to Turntable

I just taped my container to the rotating turntable.

Adjust the angle of the turntable.  Adjust so that the "sand" just starts to slide down.

This angle may be anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees. 

Start the rotation.

<p>That's pretty cool! Thanks for showing me this. So the different sands have a different specific gravity and never really mix. I like the idea of the stargate table too :)</p>
<p>Thanks. It's great fun to figure out how things work and see science in action.</p>
I suggest adding a motor to the avalanche disk! ;P
For your &quot;Apparatuses or apperatii?&quot; question, the plural of the noun apparatus is apparatuses, although in this context just apparatus should suit you fine!
I do that for the fun anonymousii comments.
And so you should, commenti such as that are inspirational, and we need more inspirati in our lives.
Sweet! I remember seeing one of these at the Tec Museum but I never knew what the scientific name was for them. Thanks for the info!
I thought it might have also been some kind of ferro-fluid. One more mystery of the universe revealed.

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