Avant Garde Dolly Assemblage Necklace





Introduction: Avant Garde Dolly Assemblage Necklace

Just like Dr. Frankenstein, I created this one of a kind necklace with bits and pieces of forgotten memories from the past.

I've used the guts from a long ago broken, vintage pocket watch, a skeleton key that once unlocked someone's secrets, and a porcelain dolly's arm. (she lost it in an zombie attack), poor dear....

This repurposed wonder is sure to turn heads!



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    How did u "attached" the parts altogether? Did u use any wires? Soldering? Thanks :)

    Sweeeeeeeeeet! Not your average cutsie-poo necklace. I might use it with students as an inspirational start off point for free form -thinking . wondering too about how you"attached" all the parts together.

    BTW-how come I can't find a favourite button on this page? I want to mark it

    Oh, sorry, I forgot...
    The necklace is *GREAT* :)

    very well made and good instructable. it is kinda creepy looking...

    this is really awesome! i'm going to try a variant of it out as part of my husband's pirate costume for halloween .

    How delightfully evil looking... just for me 5/5

    ...i didn't know Avant Garde meant creepy as all get out.....baby dolls are creeeeeeepy with a capital HEEBEEJEEBIE! still nifty lookin though