Ava's Blanket


Introduction: Ava's Blanket

A baby blanket made using Lion Brand: Vanna's Choice in Dusty Purple, Dusty Rose, Dusty Green and White. The outer square is done in seed stitch with the inner square is straight knit.

Squares were knitted in rows of 5 and then stitched together to form blanket.

The project was easy and quick!



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    I love this pattern, could you please give me the pattern. I am a new knitter and I kind of need it spelled out. It is beautiful and I would love to knit one. Thanks so much, Pat

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    Hi Pat, Did you manage to get the pattern for this - I too would love to make this - looks gorgeous. Cheers, Nicky

    Looks great - I love the colors!!

    pretty! vanna's choice feels so silky on blankets!

    Great job! The square color differences look awesome, nice job! :-)