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Introduction: Avatar Aang Staff

I created a replica staff from the TV show avatar the last air bender. It was created with normal products that I found at my local hardware store, the main components were trim, washers, and a few nails, with some bands and cloth, using wood glue and clamps to put it together at home. It took multiple proto types to create the finished product, but was well worth it. I created it mainly for Ohayocon, but I love it so much I am considering creating a better one. The largest challenge was figuring out the mechanics of the staff, when I made it all I had to go off of were clips from the show, but they aren’t always the same. If I do win this contest, I plan on remaking it with better materials, hopefully making it more compact this time, I already have plans drawn out for a new one, I believe I can cut a half a foot off the top of it to make it more practical, and allow the wings open more smoothly.



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    So, can you make actual instructions for this? I would love to make one for myself, but your instructable is pretty unclear.

    More information about the specific materials needed would be greatly appreciated and an actual step by step process.

    Aang loses his staff in an episode made in 2007 and gets a new staff in the planing of the Invasion in the Eclipse where all firebenders lose their firebending

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    he doesn't loose it, he destroys it, and i created this one because it is my favorite of the two, i wasn't attempting to be 100% accurate with the costume and staff