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Introduction: Avatar Amber

This costume was mostly about makeup and creating a look like that of the avatar! I made my own feather and beaded necklace, belt and bracelet  from supplies at a craft store. I painted the upper half of my body blue and braided my hair with beads. After the first 2 steps I began the process of creating the strips and makeup like the avatar. Fake eyelashes, dark blue strips and white dots complete the look. Oh and lets not forget the fangs! :) Overall I think it turned out great



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    You look AWESOME. The makeup does not look easy to do but I hate applying make up anyway. I pull the "I own this HAUNT card" and the "I'm the greeter/wizard/druid at the gate and robe and beard is all I need ! Welcome to the world of instructables posters

    Thank you! It was the creme makeup from The Spirit Halloween store. I bought the blue and mixed it with white for the base coat and for the strips, mixed blue and black. It actually stayed on pretty well, I had to touch it up in a few spots but thats because it rubbed off.

    That's makeup? I thought it would be paint at first for the blue skin. If it was paint, what kind?

    Looks great! What kind of makeup did you use?