video Avatar Special Make-up Effect
Hi everybody,

Here is a time-lapse on how to create an Avatar character for halloween or fancy dress.

You can see how to make ears and what materials you require in my other instructable here  plus  take a look at this instructable to see the basic sculpt and mould process for a mask and simply do the same for this prosthetic.

All the usual safety aspects you need to be aware of are in the two links above....but the most important bit is always try a little test section on the skin in an unseen location and leave it for 24 hrs to check you are not allergic and that any products can be removed easily !

Give it a try and please post how you get on.

Steve   ;)
ekiessling12 months ago
this was awesome!!!
The Animator (author)  ekiessling11 months ago

Thanks for the kind words ;)

dawoodeee11 months ago
The Animator (author)  dawoodeee11 months ago

Thanks dawoodeee ;)