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Introduction: Avengers Toy Storage

reuse of a chest of drawers .
I made a pastel -colored chest of drawers , a cool superhero toy cupboard


spray paint in various colors and primer

decal sheet in various colors

silhoute cameo device (if you have it) ore just a boxcutter

Example photos of superhero logos

First sand everything

Prime it by spraying primer on it

After drying, apply the desired color in three layers

let it dry

make the decals with the preview pictures of the super heroes logo's

(I've done this with my cutting plotter machiene )

place it on the front panels by useing the transfer tape

place the drawers cabinet back together and ready is your cool superhero toy chest of drawers

Step 1:

spray paint on the old cabinet

Step 2:

spray paint the front panels of the


Step 3:

create superheroes decals for the drawer fronts

Step 4:

bring the decals on transfer tape

Step 5:

apply the decals to the front panels of the drawer



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This is great and there are so many Avenger designs you could use :)

I love the way this turned out. The choice of colors and decals are excellent!

This is great! How did you create your decals?

hey i have a silhouet cameo cutting plotter , you can make almost everiting with it <3