Avengers Series 1: Black Widow Cuffs





Introduction: Avengers Series 1: Black Widow Cuffs

This years halloween theme is Avengers.
I will be uploading several instructables detailing how I put the various outfits together.
First, the black widow gun-bracelets.

Most online tutorials advice you to buy a bullet belt and use pieces for the bracelets. A brilliant idea,
accept, i Live in South Africa and we are much more limited in what we can get.
So I had to make mine from scratch.

Hope you enjoy ;)

Step 1: What You Need

Making actual bulets would have taken too long.
So i chose to go with tubes.
Finding the right sized tubes seemed impossible (also the mall was super crowded on the first saturday after pay day and i wanted to get out of there)
My eye fell on these party horns and I realized that the mouth pieces would work brilliantly.

So I used 2 mouth pieces
silver acrylic paint
paint brush
super glue
rubber bracelets

Step 2: Taking Apart the Party Horns

Pretty straight forward:
I cut off the card-board horns from the mouth pieces. 

Step 3: Painting

i brushed the acrylic on vertically (from end to end) rather than horizontally because I thought streaks in taht direction would look more realistic.

i found it easiest to put them on my finger as I painted them rather then holding them on both ends.

I put them to dry in front of the heater.

Step 4: Glueing

I put a thin strip of supper glue on the bottom of each 'bullet' and then pressed it firmly onto the rubber bracelet.
I found it easiest to rest it around a glass while the bullets dried.

Step 5: Top Elastic

Because these mouth pieces are tapered I had a little more trouble getting them to hold together at the top too.
I used a cheap elastic and wrapped it around each bullet.
Too keep the elastic from slipping off the bullets, i put another coat of paint over the front of the bullets 

Step 6: DONE!

be sure to give it enough drying time.
I am not sure how well these will hold under pressure.
Either way, I don't need them to last long.




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    Hey, I'm also from SA! About this prop; How would one hypothetically shoot with it without shooting his or her hand?!
    It is probably not as close to The Avengers (I haven't seen it), but a cool longer-barreled gatling gun "glove" would look more purposeful, and perhaps some form of ammunition or small ammo box and feeder behind it would make it look a little more like a plausible weapon.
    For a one time party though I think yours is a better choice.

    well. i didnt want it to be functional. Just wanted it to look as much like the comic books as possible

    Very nice. Question, in your list of materials you list "2" mouth pieces.

    Did you mean, 12 ? Or perhaps 11 ? There seems to be more than just 2.

    yeah. sorry. it is supposed to be 20

    Oh ok, yeah that would make sense. TY