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Here's one for the "Average Joe", the layman, the "there's still a kid in me and I sometimes like to let him/her out" person.

There are many outstanding illusion tricks out there that have elaborate props and expensive secret catches to them. This is not one of them, but it is still outstanding, surprising, and illusive. You can probably do it RIGHT NOW. It's a very simple concept.

The best way to show you this in its entirety is via video, so here you go:

Step 1: What You'll Need

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If you have two arms, two hands, a pen and a wristwatch, you can easily pull this off. You will also need the super secret, elaborate prop which I will reveal to you later...(evil laugh).
You can use something else besides a butter knife, can't you...?
99igo4 years ago
lol a knife
You do realize that your picture is actually pointing at your name?
leiamme 99igo4 years ago
GameNox4 years ago
Not really an illusion trick, but cool!
99igo4 years ago
HAHAHAHA if you have two arms
yeah i know5 years ago
"'there's still a kid in me and I sometimes like to let him/her out' person."
Would that mean you're pregnant?
Exactly. :D
frikkie6 years ago
I would rather start the trick by first doing it with the index finger and then will move both hands away and let it levitate on invisible string.
nice watch
flagler7 years ago
Funny and cool! You actually had me there in the video..Good job.
greeenpro (author)  flagler7 years ago
thank you! gotcha!