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Avocados have the highest protein content of any fruit.
In this quick 'ible i'm gonna show you how to prepare a really quick and healthy snack: The Avocado Delight!
You'll need:
1 avocado, nuts (optional), banana(optional), honey or sugar, thick cream and a knife.
First, properly cut the avocado in half and take the seed out. Then cut little pieces of bananas and place them in the seed area. Fill with thick cream. Cut the nuts into smaller pieces and sprinkle them on top. Add honey or sugar and you're done!
Now... about the 2nd half of the avocado, you can either repeat the same procedure or you can cover the 1st half with it !

Enjoy !


oldmicah (author)2013-01-31

Sounds great. Is thick cream a kind of whipped cream?

TheMacyC (author)oldmicah2013-02-01

Not exactly ... Thick cream is this:

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