Picture of Avocado - Preparing  Made Simple
Paring knife ( steak knife or similar)

Favorite recipe

Simple steps to preparing  an Avocado to be used for a  guacamole dip, in a salad, on a sandwich  etc...

Picking  the best "ripe avocado" is  the most important part of the "preparing". 
The avocado should "give" slightly when pressing  it with you finger.

Compare it to pressing a finger on your chin / forehead  or if you close your hand  ( making a  fist)  press at base of your index finger/thumb  - soft but not too soft.

If there is no "give" in the avocado it may not be ripe enough nor ready to be used (maybe tomorrow),  Too soft then it might be over ripe and could possibly  be dark inside not usable (for me anyway)

See  this link on how cut an avocado. www.instructables.com/id/How_To_Cut_an_Avocado/

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Step 1: Making the cut!

Picture of Making the cut!
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After picking and  cutting the avocado(s) in half remove seed ( save seed for planting). 
Make cuts length wise then cross ways. 
This cutting will make it easy to remove the avocado from  the outer skin.

Step 2: Squeezing time!

Picture of Squeezing time!
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After Cutting each half into cubes, just simply  give one half  at a time a little squeeze over a bowl.
You'll be surprised at how easily  all the avocado cubes fall out, with little or no mess.

Note: if you want long slices don't cut cross ways, but they will not squeeze out, you will be able to remove them with a knife. 

Nice instructable for when you are going to be using diced Avocado in salads or such. If you are going to be making guacamole or anything where the avocado will be mashed an easier way th get the meat out of the skin is to simply use a teaspoon and scoop it out.
Jayefuu5 years ago
Nice ible. I'm surprised though that you haven't included the easiest way to destone an avocado, might be a good addition. Here's my way:

I slice around the long way (as you obviously have) then twist to get the two halves apart. This leaves a half without the stone and one with. To remove the stone, cradle the avocado half in one hand then hit the stone hard with a large chopping knife. The knife should embed itself in the stone, twist it and the stone will pop right out.
walkerbarb (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Thanks!!  and that is the way I remove the seeds too... On the intro I posted a link to another instructable demonstrating  how to remove the seed.
thanks again...for viewing.