Melting avocado with syrupy goodness.

Step 1: Acquire Ingredients

Very ripe avocado (any variety; this is a Fuerte)
Lime for juicing
Agave nectar
<p>Yum sounds so good will try it!</p>
<p>you should make also other things.</p>
<p>you should make also other things.</p>
my mom loves avocodo and im gibing this to her as a suprise
i have never seen or heard of, until this very second... please what is agave nector i know they use agave for tequila??? where do i find this??
Agave is a natural sweetener that you can find in most health food stores. It is a little more runny than honey but just as sweet and delicious.
it's made from agave (the same plant used to make tequila) but recent research is showing it's horrible for you. apperently your body doesn't recognize it as sugar so it doesn't raise your blood sugar. the fact it doesn't raise your blood sugar lead people to believe it's slowly absorbed by the body so it would be healthier than sugar (because it wouldn't cause spikes that lead to storing sugar as fat and sugar rushes) but all it really does is sweeten things without making u feel full basically
[nods] i don't know if i would say it's &quot;horrible for you&quot; but it's not the health food it claims to be. apparently some brands (unnamed in the articles i've found) even contain high fructose corn syrup without disclosing it on the label! this article has some decent info: http://bit.ly/cljoSg
It's not just the High Fructose that's undisclosed being the problem, but just Fructose in general. Obviously most labels won't tell you the fructose percent in the nectar you are buying, but if it's high you can develop different metabolic disorders if heavily consumed and over periods of time. <br><br>On that note, HFCS and sucrose are relatively similar in the amount of glucose and fructose they contain. Sucrose being table sugar. Agave Nectar can have almost twice as much Fructose in it, depending on the source. So, just watch how much you eat. Like all things, take it in moderation.
I love eating this! mmmm avocado.....
did you know that you are helping the market if you buy your avocados from California?
this is amazing wherever you got the idea should be an international monument
I use lemon and add capers and black pepper! Yum!
I like my avocado just alone with sugar =]
step aside, hot-pockets. i now having avacodo 'n lime. mm. cold.
I gotta try this.
Yum! I live in NM, and have lots of agaves. Do you know how to get the syrup? Thanks
Trader Joe's is where I got my agave nectar. I am using less sugar now.
tyvm i will be going to trader joes in a few weeks i will pick some up i love avacados
avocado is my favorite fruit. I want to eat it with everything I can.

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