Step 12: There WILL be some leftover cheese

And it's premeditated. Finish your beer while eating the cheese and wat for the meatballs to cook through, aproximately 30 minutes over a medium flame
It's very <a href="http://to-gdn.ru/" rel="nofollow">good</a>
Cheese-stuffed meatballs. I can feel my arteries clog allready ;D Looks omnomnomable!<br />
Mmm, tasty. I should have to try this at some point! L
wake up and smell the chipotle!! damn bro, I'm hungry.... how long would it take for a package to arrive all the way here?? I mean, you could send me a couple of those meatballs, some indio beer and in return I could be eternally grateful... by the way... you have to show some origami...
looks nom :3

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Bio: Orthopedic surgeron, specializing in sports injuries in Mexico. Love to cook. Black belt in Karate and kenpo.
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